What does 360 Feedback do?

360 Degree Feedback

What is 360 Feedback for?


A 360 Feedback Survey usually measures behaviours and competencies. It provides feedback on how others perceive an employee compared to how the employee sees themselves.
It can give the person very powerful feedback on behaviours and competencies related to areas such as leadership style, people management, relationship building (among co-workers, with customers, with stakeholders, and so on), strategic thinking, creative and innovative thinking, operational areas, team-work, and other aspects of character.
What is measured depends on what the 360 is being used for. In the past, it has been used primarily for leaders and managers to help them to gain insights into their behaviours and competencies as related to managing and leading a business and people.
Increasingly, 360 feedback is being used with non-managers and non-leaders, as technological advances have enabled solutions to be delivered at a more cost-effective rate than previously.
Where 360 is used for non-managers, it provides feedback on competencies and behaviours core to the organisation and core to the role such as team-work, collegiality, relationships, inter-personal, character and personal skills, and so on. This type of feedback is very powerful for both individual and team development.


What 360 Feedback does not assess?


360 feedback is not a way to measure employee performance against objectives i.e. Management by Objectives (MBO).
360 feedback should not be used to measure strictly objective areas such as sales targets, financial or other KPI’s, attendance, etc.
360 feedback is not a way to determine whether an employee is meeting the job requirements or performing well in their job.
360 feedback does not provide feedback on technical or job-specific skills.

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