The Top 3 Benefits of 360 Degree Feedback for Leaders

Benefits of 360 Degree Feedback

The 360 degree process is not new. It is well tried and tested. But, what are the benefits?
The benefits can be summarised as follows.
1) Increased Self-Awareness
One of the most important benefits to an employee receiving 360 degree feedback is increased self-awareness. People learn about their blind spots, and often times find amazing new insights into their strengths that they may not have known before the 360 process.
2) 360 Perspective
A leader’s own self-assessment is compared with those of the raters (their manager, their peers and their direct reports). This provides a full 360 perspective from which new insights are born.
3) Leadership Perspective
A good leadership 360 feedback tool will provide a well-rounded and balanced view of the leaders competencies and behaviours compared to those that are well recognised leadership competencies. The 363 Work of Leaders tool provides feedback on 8 approaches to leadership and 24 leadership practices.
Many leaders take the 360 process every 1-2 years. They do so as it provides extremely powerful feedback for the leader. This includes building on their current strengths. The 360 acts as a checkpoint or a marker as to where they are in their leadership journey. It helps them also to identify one or two areas where improvement in them could make all the difference. Success in leadership in guided better through 360.
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