The Strengths of 360-Degree Feedback for Leaders

360 Degree Feedback

Why is it that 85% of the Fortune 500 companies use 360-degree feedback as the backbone of their leadership development programs?
In a nutshell, “Because it works.”
Leaders and managers regularly say that 360 feedback was instrumental in their development.
Many leaders will have taken several 360-degree assessments over their career. Once every 2-3 years is quite usual for developing and growing leaders. Most leaders will say that 360 provides insights and awareness, and a focus for their development. Quite often, it reveals strengths that the leader wasn’t even aware of, which is they can harness more of can make a huge difference.
Leaders benefit from obtaining accurate feedback about their own behaviour. The 360-degree feedback process makes that feedback highly personal.
If it is well designed, carefully managed and confidential, it is also a highly credible process.
Instead of taking assessments which provide feedback based on their own assessment of themselves, the 360 feedback provides a wider perspective.
Thus, it can reveal hidden or unknown strengths and blind spots, as well as those that are known.
It provides leaders with extremely powerful information about themselves and provides them with a focus for their development and growth as leaders.
In 360 feedback, it is important to put emphasis on strengths, and to reveal unknown strengths to the person, and not just to focus on weaknesses.
The multi-rater feedback or 360-degree process is not new. It is well tried and tested. It works. Every leader and manager should really do a pulse check by taking a 360 assessment every 2-3 years.
These days, with technological advances, it is much easier and quicker to implement than before. It is also much more cost-effective than previously.
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