Critically important to success is a hiring manager’s ability to hire the right people for the right role.


To do this, hiring managers must develop the skills interviewers need to engage candidates confidently, and use a proven system that gives reliable results.


It takes excellent interviewing skills and a proven system to understand a candidate’s knowledge and experience, and to assess their ability, attitude and potential to fit in with the role and the team.


This course is for you if you want to develop great interviewing skills and learn a reliable system to make better hiring decisions.




This course will:


  • Ensure interviewers are aware of the need to make their hiring decisions on the basis of evidence and data, not gut and emotion
  • Build confidence and technique in evidence-based interviewing
  • Learn important questioning techniques and a reliable system for selecting the right candidates for the right role






Evidence Based interviewing

  • Competency Interviewing
  • Behavioural Interviewing
  • Traditional Interviewing
  • Structured vs. Unstructured  Interviewing
  • Evidence-Based Interviewing


Planning and Preparing

  • Determining the critical job requirements, skills, knowledge, motivators, avoiders, aptitudes and competencies
  • Preparing questions
  • Preparing the scoring/evaluation system
  • What else can be used to gather facts and data?



  • Learning and practising the EPOLA interviewing method
  • Scoring and evaluating candidates


Practising the Whole Interview

  • Opening the Interview
  • Pacing and Timekeeping
  • Building and Maintaining Rapport
  • Maintaining Candidate Self-Esteem
  • Taking Notes
  • Candidate Questions
  • Closing the Interview


Equality Legislation

  • What you can and can’t ask



Course Style


The course offers an engaging style to facilitate as plenty of practice in interviewing skills and techniques. While there is some Powerpoint, the majority of the time is practice and learning by doing.




1 Day



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