The recruitment and selection process can be greaty enhanced using psychometric testing.

Firstly, you ‘benchmark’ the role i.e. identify the key knowledge, skills, behaviours and attitudes to perform successfully in that role.

Candidates at the recruitment stage can then be assessed using a suitable psychometric test based on this ‘identikit’.

Candiadtes complete the psychometric assessment online. Candidate results are then compared to the “identikit” for the role and “goodness of fit” is established.

A wide variety of reports are available for the Recruiting Manager.

The psychometric assessment used by our Consultants is the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) which is based on the DISC model of personality.

It only takes c. 10 minutes for the candidate to complete, and is amazingly accurate and insightful.

Cndiadte reports are generated instantly and our Consultants will review the reports for each candidate with you.

The PPA adheres to the guidelines published by the British Psychological Society and the Code of Practice published by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. It is regarded as providing valuable and important information to employers in making hiring decisions.

The PPA questionnaire was introduced into the UK in 1981 following adjustments to take into account different perceptions between US and UK uses of the English language. There are now over 50 language versions of the PPA questionnaire and it is used daily in 50 countries.

Feedback confirms that empirically the PPA is an extremely valuable tool in aiding recruitment decisions.

One of the PPA reports is a structured guide to the interview with specific questions which are very probing that are based on the candidates profile and the demands of the job.

Ask our Consultants about the PPA and how it can be incorprated into your recruitment processes to aid decision making.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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