1 Day Program


In this training program, we focus on the everyday strategies that enable managers to hold engagement performance focused conversations with their team and to deliver high performance. This is a program about the tools and conversations of continuous everyday performance management that leaders use to inspire people to perform at their best and to continually improve outcomes.




This is a training program for managers who are looking for tools and techniques to manage performance using engagement-focused, performance and future oriented conversations on an everyday basis. This training program will help managers to lead powerful one-to-one conversations with team members and use proven everyday strategies to help their team members perform, grow, develop and succeed.


Who Is The Training Program For?


The training program is for Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders.


Program Details


During this training program, participants will learn the tools and methods for leading people, and for creating a high performance and development environment for team members through:


  • the 3 principles of continuous everyday performance management
  • using near-term objectives, and instead of cascading goals downwards, aligning them upwards
  • providing performance focused, developmental and engaging conversations
  • using the 5 types of conversations that work
  • providing in-the-moment feedback
  • having regular check-ins


Participants receive the Continuous Everyday Performance Management Toolkit. By combining the tools in the toolkit with the learnings from the training program, participants have the information and resources, and have developed the skills they need to deliver high performance and engagement within their team.




1 day: 9.30am – 4.30pm


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