1 Day Program


Although it is perceived as a software development framework, Agile is just as effective in operations.  If planned effectively, the principles, methods, tools and techniques used by an agile practitioner can be adapted to any operational environment. In this training program, we focus on the agile principles and tools that have been successfully adapted for an operations environment to inspire people to perform at their best and to continually improve outcomes.




This is a training program for managers who are looking for tools and techniques to deliver success through high-performance and team engagement on an everyday basis using the agile principles. This training program will help managers to use proven everyday strategies to help their team members perform and succeed within an operating environment.


Who Is The Training Program For?


The training program is for Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders in operations.


Program Details


During this training program, participants will learn the tools and methods for leading people, and for creating a high performance and development environment for team members through:


  • the 12 principles of agile and how they can be translated into an operating environment
  • roles and responsibilities in an agile environment and their importance
  • tools and techniques from an agile environment and their application in an operating environment
  • how to measure success
  • implementing agile
  • case studies


Participants receive the Agile Operations Management Toolkit. By combining the tools in the toolkit with the learnings from the training program, participants have the information and resources, and have developed the skills they need to deliver high performance and engagement within their team.




1 day: 9.30am – 4.30pm


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