What is Performance Management?


Numerous studies have shown that companies who have a rigorous approach to people and performance management and development have higher performance, superior bottom-line results, lower turnover of staff, lower absenteeism, and so on.


All studies essentially say the same thing – hire superior talent and then develop and support it systematically when you have it.


Determining which type of performance management and development process best fits your business needs depends on your objectives and goals. In designing any performance management process, factors such as culture and values also need to be considered.


Whilst its concept has evolved after 30 years of experience, including much criticism, and many large organisations have in recent years discarded some of the old methods in favour of more dialogue, conversation and coaching inputs. Collaboration and team work are very much a central theme also in today’s incarnation of the performance management and development process.


While performance management and development processes deliver real ROI on investment, that success does not come without sustained commitment, and a belief and desire to make performance management and development a core business process designed to create competitive advantage.


Managing performance and development is, therefore, much more than the performance appraisal or performance review.


We can assist you in designing and developing a performance management process aligned to your organisation needs and objectives. Training and support for managers is an essential part of the process.


Our experts can also conduct a review of your current processes, metrics and performance management approaches, and advice you on how organisations are re-engineering their performance management.


We can facilitate the re-inventing of your current performance management approaches and methodologies.


We can offer courses and workshops that prepare your leaders and managers to apply new performance development practices.


We can introduce tools and activities that equip leaders, managers and individual employees to meet new performance related needs.



How We Can Help You?

We assist in designing the conversation, feedback, development and strengths based practices and tools e.g. on-boarding check-in, weekly check-in, 20 day review, monthly review, skills feedback, peer feedback, praise and recognition, and so on that form the practices of the organisation. We help organisations choose software systems for a digital age that support the continuous performance and development model.
We help the organisation to implement the system, and create communications for employees, training and development toolkits, and coaching practices and skills for managers and employees, and help organisations to use the power of dashboards and analytics, and reporting results for senior management.

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Next Steps

If you would like advice or support on implementing a continuous performance management and development model based on current best-practices, please contact your CollierBroderick HR Advisor, call us on 01 8666426, contact us, or email us on enquiries@collierbroderick.ie.