Our Consultants can assist organisations in conducting investigations, in an independent capacity, with regard to the disciplinary and dismissal procedure or the company’s bullying and harassment / respect and dignity at work procedure.
Where independent, external expertise is needed to assist or lead the investigation or disciplinary hearings, our Consultants can assist you.
Our Consultant support provides assurances to you, the employer, that a complete, comprehensive, thorough, independent investigation or hearing will be conducted, according to best-practice and employment law procedure and the policies of the organisation.
We can manage the process entirely as an external, independent party or we can lead or assist as an indpendent party combined with some of your internal resources such as HR Practitioners, depending on your requirements.

Disciplinary & Dismissal

In disciplinary and potential dismissal cases, the importance of proper procedure cannot be over-stated. Employers who lose complaints in the Employment Appeals Tribunal for unfair dismissal usually do so on the basis of flawed procedure.
Under Irish employment legislation, all dismissals are deemed to be unfair until proven otherwise by the employer.
We ensure that best-practice disciplinary procedures are followed which ultimately saves you time, stress and money in defending claims from employees, solicitors, trade unions and in the employment courts. In fact, when best-practice procedure is followed, the risk of a claim is considerably reduced.

Bullying & Harassment

Where a formal complaint of bullying and harassment has been made and independent, external expertise is needed to assist with or lead the investigation, our Consultants can provide you with expert, independent investigation support.
Our methodology provides assurances to the employer and employee that a comprehensive, independent analysis of the formal complaint will be conducted, according to best-practice procedure and the policies of the organisations.

Independent Investigations with Quick Turnaround

In cases of disciplinary investigations, disciplinary hearings, and bullying and harassment investigations, our Consultants can assure you that such investigations / hearings will be conducted professionally within a quick and reasonable timeframe, in the interests of all the parties concerned.
We would be happy to discuss our approach and methodology, and your requirements, on a confidential basis.


How Can We Help You?



We provide advice and guidance on the proper procedure for conducting Investigations, Hearings and Appeals or we can lead and conduct investigations, hearings and appeals where you may require external, independent, expertise.  Click also on Disciplinary/Dismissal Procedures and Bullying Procedures for more information.


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If you are an employer and have any questions about Investigations, Hearings or Appeals,  please contact your CollierBroderick HR Advisor, call us on 01 8666426contact us, or email us on enquiries@collierbroderick.ie.