Our expert team of HR and Employment Law specialists provide tailored employment law training programmes covering a range of employment law topics such as:

  • Overview of Employment Law
  • Bullying & Harassment
  • Disciplinary & Dismissal
  • Redundancy & the Law
  • Transfer of Undertakings & the Law

Our courses are tailor made for your Managers or HR Practitioners, and some, such as Bullying & Harassment are tailored for all employees as it is recommended that all employees are provided with training in this area.

The duration of the Bullying & Harassment training for employees is 1.5 hours, for Managers, 2 to 2.5 hours, and, for HR Practitioners, it is a half day programme. The course covers the law, case law and focuses on the key issues of prevention and how to handle issues when identified through either the informal or formal processes as well as the use of contact persons / designated persons and mediation.

Disciplinary & Dismissal covers the initial informal performance improvement process prior to the formal disciplinary process, but the course focuses primarily on the formal disciplinary process, including disciplinary investigations and hearings, documentation, the law and case law covering wrongful, unfair and constructive dismissal. The duration of the Disciplinary & Dismissal training for Managers is 2.5 hours, and for HR Practitioners, a half day.

Redundancy and the Law covers all a HR Practitioner and a Manager need to know about redundancy process, the law, selection procedures, alternatives, the courts and case law, pitfalls and best-practice. This is a half day programme.

Transfer of Undertakings and the Law covers all a HR Practitioner and a Manager need to know about transfer of undertakinsg/TUPE process, the law, what is a transfer, best-practice procedures, consultation, the implications for employers and employees, the implications for transferors and transferees, the courts, case law, case examples, HR due diligence, process before and after transfer, pitfalls and best-practice. This is a half day programme.

Our Employment Law Overview course covers a broad range of topics – the key areas – in one day. Participants can also bring any question on any employment law topic and it will be answered throughout the day.

Ask about our employment law courses to see how our courses can be tailored to meet your requirements and to obtain course detalis and a quotation for delivery.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.